Finding Your Why – Learn to Move With Passion and Purpose

Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t pursue? Have you ever sat back and watched people around you accomplish feats that you knew you couldn’t do yourself? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

At some point we’ve all heard the echo of that inner voice pleading, “Try something new! Be adventurous! Take a risk!” . . . only for that voice to be drowned out by a much stronger voice whining, “You can’t! You’re too old! You’re too out of shape! What if you get hurt? What if you fail? What if people laugh at you?”

Maybe you’re one of the millions suffering from Some Day Syndrome(SDS).

“Someday, I’ll learn to swim.”
“Someday, I’ll climb a mountain.”
“Someday, I’ll complete a marathon.”

But of course, for most “someday”never comes. All too often we give in to these negative voices and self doubts. We cling to the safety of our comfort zones, never breaking through to the greatness that lies within us and before us.

What is Why?

Your why is the antidote for the excuses of why you can’t or won’t step outside of your comfort zone and do something daring. Your why is the motivation and fuel that keeps you going when your body and your mind screams to give up.

We all have a why buried in us. In 2008 my why to learn how to swim at the age of 39 was to complete a triathlon in honor of two family members stricken with cancer. Then in 2011 my why for running my first half marathon was my son leaving for the United States Marine Corps. I can tell you from personal experience once you define your why and you move for someone or something else, your life will change forever. All of the sudden no task is too large, nothing is impossible, and fear no longer rules your life.

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Finding Your Why:

Who or what is so important to you that you are willing to dig deep and bare it all; so deep you’ll go to that place where failure is not an option?
Who or what moves you to the point you would rather die than give-up?If you won’t move or try something impossible for yourself, then who or what are you willing to do it for?

Now that you have your why; I dare you to put it to work and move like your life depends on it. Go over to the iMoveFor Manifesto and declare your mission.

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About Amy Cotta

Amy Cotta is a mother of six, certified personal trainer, author of Six Weeks to Skinny Jeans, an exercise equipment inventor, and the founder of iMoveFor. Amy competes in 5K to full-Ironman events in combat boots to raise money for military charities.
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