iMoveFor Manifesto

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I am right where I’m supposed to be.

Every fear, every setback, and every loss has meaning and purpose.

They’ve carved me into the person I am today.

I am strong because I’ve been weak.

I’ve learned to turn my pain into passion and my mess into a mission.

I can not change the past – but I can change the future.

I’m dedicating my life to move for those who can’t.

I am fueled by my “why.

In times when I feel tired and weak, when my mind and body beg me to give up

I keep pushing on.

Armed with my “Why” I’m able to dig deeper and go further.

I will never give up on my “why” or myself.

I can achieve the impossible.

Pain and discomfort have become my friend, they remind me I’m alive.

With every labored breath I take I learn more about myself.

I’ve replaced impossible, with possible.

Nothing is too hard, too crazy, or too out of reach.

I am someone’s hero.

I’ve learned to ignore the doubters and naysayers.

Some call me crazy; I call myself thankful and grateful for my ability to get uncomfortable.

I give myself permission to dream big im“Possible” dreams.

I pursue my dreams with every ounce of courage and passion within my heart.

I will make a difference in this life by continuing to get uncomfortable for my cause.

I will leave a legacy through my blood, sweat, and tears.


If you’re ready to live and move for a cause —  leave your own personal deceleration below tell us your reason for getting “moving”- your “why” / and or any message about your charity (mission) and why you’re so passionate about it below. Please share this manifesto with your friends and family by Facebook or Twitter below. We are the movement — Together we are changing the world one drop of sweat at-a-time.

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