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From PTSD and Back – A Warrior’s Story

Two back to back deployments in Iraq (2003-2004 to 2004- 2005) took the best out of me. From a rocket launcher explosion that blew me away and caused me temporary hearing loss. To me trying to take my life while deployed by putting the nozzle of my weapon under my chin. To having complications with my […]

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An Unlikely Runner

When I graduated from high school in 1969, that was the last time that I ran any distance, and that was only in P.E., which was a requirement in those days. All through my adult years, I only ran when I played softball on a church league or similar activity, and that was for very […]

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iMoveFor Better Health

I have been on a journey to get and be healthy. I have struggled with being overweight most of my adult life. I have lost weight and gained it all back, plus some, more than once. My struggle to be healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle did not really come from lack of discipline, […]

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Finding Your Why – Learn to Move With Passion and Purpose

Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t pursue? Have you ever sat back and watched people around you accomplish feats that you knew you couldn’t do yourself? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a part of something bigger than yourself? At some point we’ve all heard the echo […]

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